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  • Totaline

  • Totaline

    Total Climate Control - In One Simple Package:
    • Clean And Filter
    • Heating And Cooling
    • Humidify Or Dehumidify
    • UV Light Purify
    In purchasing a heating or cooling system, you have made a major investment - not only the actual cooling/heating device, but in the blower, the duct work that will deliver the air to the various areas of the house, the return air duct work that will take the air from these areas of the house back to the heating/cooling apparatus, and the grills and registers for proper air flow.

    Three additional, minor investment items can transform this simple control system: an electronic air cleaner that removes up to 95% of the dust, pollen, smoke, and smog from the air, a humidifier/dehumidifier to give you the right amount of moisture in the air, and an air purifier that will kill mold, bacteria and viruses. These additions make use of the major investment that you have already made in the heating/cooling device, duct work, grills, and registers, and truly provide, at a relatively low cost, the ultimate in indoor air comfort.

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